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Justify departures from the National Construction Code Building Code of Australia Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions and demonstrate compliance with the NCC BCA via Performance Solution.

Fire engineering design for steel, timber, and composite structures to significantly reduce passive fire protection costs and improve constructability.

Advanced fire and smoke modelling to determine optimum smoke hazard management for complex building design (e.g., atriums and warehouses).

Advanced occupant movement modelling to determine optimum evacuation strategies for complex building design (e.g., airports and public assembly buildings).

Independent review to ensure the design is adequate, acceptable, and complies with the regulatory and legislative requirements, which will streamline the approval process (Reg 126).

Design of fire hydrant system performance and hydraulic design parameters considering water pressure and flow, water storage, pipework, booster assembly, and pump systems.

Design of fire sprinkler system performance and hydraulic design parameters considering the hazard classification, water supplies, control system, piping, and valves.

Design of fire hose reel system performance and hydraulic design parameters considering water supply, connection fitting, pipe sizing, installation requirements, and location.

Design of fire detection, warning, control, indicating equipment, and intercom systems considering the type of detection, system configuration, and smoke control systems.

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