Rustica Bakery Footscray

Located in the energetic Footscray district, Rustica Bakery was founded in 2012 by the well-known baker Brenton Lang and has since become a symbol of artisanal brilliance. Entering Rustica is an invitation to savour a symphony of aromas and textures that have been painstakingly created using age-old sourdough methods.

Every dish that Rustica produces, from delicious croissants to mouthwatering espresso tarts and their ever-popular assortment of doughnuts and crullers, is a monument to their dedication to culinary excellence. Beyond only delicious food, Rustica Bakery takes great pleasure in its commitment to ethical business methods and mindful consumerism. Rustica works directly with suppliers who are dedicated to helping small-scale farmers in the area and advancing environmental sustainability. This way, every mouthful not only tantalises the taste sensations but also makes a beneficial impact on the environment and the community.



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